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A recent feedback report for the year 2018

by The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), which assessed all osteopaths in New Zealand for treatment frequency produced the following statistics on our treatment:

                                                            Sports           National

                                                       Osteopath      Average


Number of ACC claims                              1171               239

Average number of treatments per claim    2.56               3.34


% of claims within the required


treatment profile:


               Lower back injuries                     99.1               98.7

               Neck injuries                              99.3               96.8


               Thoracic injuries                         100                91.2


               Sacroilliac injuries                       100                99.8

Quality Osteopathic Care for All Patients & All Ages


As a primary healthcare provider, we are dedicated and passionate about serving our Howick and East Auckland community with quality health care.  We believe that every patient is valuable and we strive to provide the best possible treatment for every individual.  We don’t just treat athletes; we also treat all members of the community and all ages.  Our high standard health care is: 

Professional:  Excellence in professional standards and patient care allows us to provide health care and education to encourage self responsibility in the people of our community.


Effective:  Our treatments and rehabilitation plans are patient focused and is individually designed to be effective, the majority of our acute patients require only 2-3 sessions to achieve full recovery. 


Safe:  Osteopathic medicine is a very safe and effective method of treatment. Patient safety always comes first, all safety precautions through case history and physical examination will be taken to ensure our patient’s safety.


Honest:  We are here to provide a good honest service, we treat patients only if we feel that they need treatment.  Our aim is to effectively guide all our patients to fast recovery. If your condition is non-treatable and we can’t help you we will tell you so.


Gentle: We are here to help our patients. Osteopathic medicine generally consists of gentle manipulation; we believe every individual patient is different and we always strive to please all of them.

Combining Sports Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Dry Needling & Osteopathic Manipulation to Achieve Superior Results

- Great for treatment of chronic musculoskeletal injuries


- Provides better and faster pain relief with a less likely chance of symptoms returning


- Can treat deep musculoskeletal injuries not normally treated with manual therapy alone

- Effective treatment for difficult injuries such a tendonopathies and other chronic conditions


- Safe treatment that is effective

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