Patient Testimonial




“I have found Ghassan to be a fantastic osteopath.  He is very professional, thoughtful, friendly, efficient & has high standards.  His patients are very important to him and he goes that extra mile to deliver his very best to get results.  He is honest in his approach and I have found his treatments extremely thorough and effective. I would highly recommend him to others, which I often do, because I trust him to deliver effective treatments and results.  I am happy and feel very comfortable to have him as my osteopath,  and I feel he always ensures to give his best to his patients so he can relieve their pain & deliver success, which he has done for me and my husband.  He genuinely cares and is an excellent osteopath”. 


Yolanda Atkins, Real Estate


"Because of the intensity and training demands of running competitively there are times when my body needs realigning to help me get back on track and performing at my best.  Having a regular session of osteopathy helps to keep my body strengthened and able to cope with the demands I place on it in my day to day activity and training".


Lisa Robertson, New Zealand Cross Country Running Champion 2018



"Recently I have had treatment from Ghassan after recommendation from a friend.  I had two injuries (one of which I have had for 10 years) and had multiple opinions and treatments from other health providers with only marginal improvement.  Ghassan's treatment plan was progressive but was initially to get me pain free and then to help the injury heal and not require further treatment.  I am still in disbelief as to how fabulous his treatment was and the results it has delivered.  I am pain free and have been given a new lease of life, returning to sport and physical activity with excitement.   sleep better and the stress the pain caused me has been completely alleviated.  Ghassan's manner is polite, respectful and caring.  I am truly grateful for his knowledge and expertise as well as the very practical treatment plan not mention the life changing treatment he has given me.  Thank you!!!


Clair Conner, Pharmacist


I found Ghassan on Google, he is a good and caring osteopath and he successfully treated my shoulder problem after 3 visits. This is amazing as I had this problem for 2-3 years and had tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and even a specialist. Nothing works.  I did not believe him when he said he could treat it and it will take only 2-3 visits, AND he did!  Ghassan offers effective treatment and I will always go to him if I need an osteopath.  I will recommend him to anyone as he is friendly and caring.

Sue Loh, Sales


“I hurt my back 18 months ago playing hockey and spent months attending weekly physiotherapy sessions.  My brother-in-law kindly recommended me to Ghassan who after one session had me relieved of that awkward pain. I also enjoy long distance running however this can cause me back issues which recently left me just about unable to walk. I visited Ghassan on a Tuesday and he made a promise that he would have me back up and running after two sessions…. He kept his promise and I was playing hockey on the Sunday.  Amazing! If you want no fuss relief to back pain you have to see Ghassan. He is a true professional who is dedicated to his patients wellbeing”.


Heather Sporle, HR manager, Hockey Player


“I came to see Ghassan after a month off work with a bad back.  I had been using a walking stick to get around with , as I could no longer walk unaided.  After a bit of acupuncture and gentle manipulation , I was told to put my stick away and walk.  To my surprise I did just that, I am following an easy exercise plan given to me from Ghassan, and I feel so much better.  My heartfelt thanks to Ghassan Alaraji”.


Stephen Pearce, Sales


"Ghassan is a very professional, capable and caring Osteopath, and I have no hesitation what so ever in recommending his services to others”.

Judy Harriman, Retired


"I am a retired dairy farmer from South Auckland, my lower back has had a real workout with farming, the motorcross bike can play havoc with it as well.  At 48 I've got a lot of time to enjoy my leasure activities.  When I get back pain Ghassan does a great job looking after it and keeps me on track, usually with only one treatment.  I highly recommend Ghassan".


Peter Taylor, Farmer

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