Patient Advice:



At Botany Specialist Sports Osteopath we believe that it is really important to educate our patients on injury prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Our service includes advice on maintaining healthy posture and work habits, as well as specific exercises to help maintain healthy muscles and joints.  Following such advises in combination with treatment will minimise the likelihood of injury recurrence.










































Specific stretches and exercises play an important role in rehabilitation of any injury to help speed recovery.  As part of our health care, a personalised workout sheet can be emailed to our patients to remind them how the specific exercises are performed. 





3D Diagnosis



We believe that when our patients understand their diagnosis, the rehabilitation process will become easier and more successful.  Following physical examination your diagnosis will be will explained to you, with the aid of the latest 3D anatomy software to help you understand the extent of your condition and how we can resolve it.