Frequently asked Questions




What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a branch of Western medicine that focuses primarily on the treatment of the muscular and skeletal systems while taking a holistic approach to health.  Osteopaths treat different conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system using manual manipulative techniques to engage the human body’s immune system.  Such techniques are similar to those used by other manual therapists such as Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.  Osteopathy has been a recognised profession in New Zealand since the early 1900s, from that period it progressed to become a government registered health   profession under the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act.



How can I see an Osteopath?


Booking an appointment is essential; you can do that by booking online or contacting our friendly reception desk on (09) 2652227



What are the consultation charges?


Further ACC subsidy Application  $60       

Do I need a doctor's reffereal?


Doctors referrals are not necessary, you can book an appointment without the need to see your G.P. for referral.



Do I need to bring my X-rays with me?

We have full access to all private radiology companies in Auckland, so we can retrieve all your scans and imaging as well as your reports.  If you have any specialists reports or other imaging documents and their reports that you feel may help with your case, it will be helpful if you can bring them with you. 



How long is a session with an Osteopath?


Most sessions are approx 20 minutes long, depending on the need of each individual patient.  Each session with an osteopath includes history taking, physical examination, physical treatment and advice on exercises and posture.


How many sessions will I need?


The majority of acute patients require only 2-3 sessions to achieve full recovery, complex and chronic cases my take a few more sessions.  A recent feedback report from ACC for the year 2014 about our service showed that we achieved only 3 treatments on average for each injury claim.


Is my treatment covered by ACC?


The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) partially subsidises osteopathic treatment for patients whose injury was caused by a legitimate accident.  This will be discussed with you by your practitioner and if you qualify for ACC your treatment coasts will be partially subsidised without the need to see your G.P. 


Is my treatment covered by Health Insurance?


Some Health Insurance Companies cover osteopathic treatment within their policy.  It is best to check with your insurance company if your treatment will be covered.


Can my employer pay for my treatment?


No, we do not generate treatment accounts for employers.

New Patient

Private   $95

ACC Subsidised   $68


Private   $88

ACC Subsidised   $65

Infant under 2yo

Private   $80