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Ghassan Y. Alaraji  

BAppSci(HB), MSc(Ost), MHealSci, PGDip(Sport&Excercise Med), PGCert(WMA), PGCert(TrPDN), OCNZ reg


Specialist Sports Osteopath, Medical Acupuncture

Practitioner & ACC Provider



After playing football for many years at a competitive level, Ghassan decided to study osteopathy after graduating from high school at Pakuranga College.  He completed a Bachelor Degree of Health Science in Human Biology and a Masters Degree in Osteopathy from UNITEC New Zealand in 2007.  He was the first in his class to graduate and become a registered osteopath.  Since graduating, Ghassan has helped more than 50,000 patients achieve fast recovery to health.  He has always been dedicated to provide the highest standards of treatment for all types of patients, ranging from new-born babies and pregnant mothers, to elite international athletes and dedicated sports enthusiasts. 


Ghassan has associated with many

experienced osteopaths, doctors,

sports doctors, rhumatologists,

surgeons and other specialists, 

which he has found very valuable

in refining his clinical skills. His

passion about health care and

sports, and his willingness to help

people has driven him to further

postgraduate study.  He completed

a post graduate certificate in health

science in western medical

acupuncture, and a post graduate

certificate in medical dry needling.  

Ghassan then completed a post

graduate diploma in Sports and 

Exercise Medicine from the

University of Otago. 


Ghassan finally completed a Masters Degree in Health Science majoring in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Otago, to become the first specialist sports osteopath in New Zealand after 12 years of study.  His research was on sports related concussion, and whether strengthening the upper neck muscles can reduce the likelihood of acquiring such injury.  Ghassan is currently studying towards a Post Graduate Diploma in Football Medicine from International football governing body FIFA. 

Ghassan is also involved in providing continual professional development seminars to his fellow osteopath colleagues, medical practitioners and nurses on general practice, physical examination and  sports medicine, and maintains high standards in evidence based continuous professional development. 

Ghassan is well experienced in integrating medical acupuncture with osteopathic treatment and sports medicine, to provide his patients superior treatment.  He is also experienced in prescribing the correct exercise program for every individual patient to help treat chronic conditions. 

In Terms of clinical practice, Ghassan is very honest, will always put his patients first and will go the extra mile to help them.  Outside of work hours Ghassan is happily married and has two young children, along with spending time with his family he enjoys going to the gym, practising Brazilian Jujitsu, boxing, fixing and detailing his cars and shaping up his beautiful formal garden.

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